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Ugandan Women Types You Must Marry

Teachers and Nurses make the best wives ever

Nurses and Teachers

These make desirable wives because of the nature of their careers. They are mostly settled in one locality, where everyone knows then hence cannot cheat. The cooperatively low income makes them dependent on a man hence more manageable.

With teachers, you are sure they will be back home by 5pm to attend to their family duties.

Nurses are trained to take care of others; they are mostly selfless when it comes to taking care of others.


They have very little sense of party life. Most are shy and at times naïve compared to women in other field which makes them easy to control.


They are trained chefs and you will never sleep hungry. They will kill you with their creativity in the kitchen and will serve diverse meals when you have visitors.



These ones sire clever kids since the genes for intelligence come from mothers. Any woman from a science field be it a physician, mathematician or else, will give you a gift of exceptionally clever kids.

Public Relations

Their work essentially is to communicate and lack of communication or communication breakdown is what leads to problems in most marriages, so a PR lady can bring her communication skills into their marriage and help work issues out.

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