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Boyfriend faints during deadly bedroom marathon


It all started after his long time girlfriend threatened to leave him for being clumsy between the sheets, in a bid to redeem himself, Ricky, a University student decided to take libido-boosting pills before going for a bedroom marathon with this disgruntled girlfriend and the next was tragedy.

As we adults all know that during the throes of passion, lovers climax differently. some break wind and wail like crazy, others contort their faces into tight little knots as if they are being strangled while others cry, endlessly giggle like lunatics or tear bed-sheets out of excitement.

None of these was the case at a hostel at a college (name withheld) in Thika Town mid last week when an ‘amorous congress’ between two love birds went awry.

What was expected to be a steamy session turned tragic as the 24-year-old fourth year student just collapsed while he was desperately trying to satisfy her lover with the blue pills he had invested in to fire up his loins, leading to a scandal that left the students and staff members in shock.

He reportedly started gasping for breath before collapsing into a heap. The terrified girl screamed, attracting students and hostel wardens who ambulated him to the health unit while still in his birthday suit.

According to close sources, he took the pill and washed it down with alcohol, hoping it would help him give his best and eventually win back trust and favour from his girl as he had lately been depressed and frustrated, after his girl threatened to dump him, for falling short of expectation during intimacy.

Luckily, he was quickly attended to and regained consciousness moments later as his girlfriend, who had accompanied him to the health unit, melted into the crowd to avoid embarrassment and questioning.