The demand for male prostitutes (Specifically gays) in our top city, Kampala, has shot up compared to that of the renowned female sex workers, Ugandan Buzz has learnt. This is because of the increased number of local and foreign homosexuals (whites) in town or aging women who feel are not getting satisfied between the sheets by their age related partners.

At first, these were not as littered any where in the city as their female counterparts that have renowned spots of Kabalagala, Speke Road, William Street, Nakulabye, Kibuye, Makindye among other developed and semi- developed center in major towns. Now, these male sex workers can be found walking in groups along city streets and even some line up with female sex workers to wait for clients.

Where to Find Them?

Away from the streets, those who don’t want to be seen outside hunting for clients have identified specific clubs in the city center, where their clients pick them from. Such types are quite expensive and can charge up to Sh 500,000 a night. This is because they have to cater mostly for their looks, pay off brokers that bring in clients and others since according to research and various reports, high-profile figures and some cops are involved in this business.

Their Clients

One of the source who happens to be a homosexual and operates as a sex worker revealed that among his regular clients mostly include high profiled city men, disguised gentlemen and what most amazes is that most are middle aged.

“They pays well. They appear to be gentlemen, though can sleep with three different men in a day. On average, they can pay up to Sh 400,000 for just a few hours.

How to Spot them

Another source, a former hawker who has been in the business since 1998 as introduced by a friend who had a strong connection to the whites that come to Uganda as tourists, researchers or investors, male prostitutes are easy to spot.

“It is easy to spot them. From their walking style, dressing, hair-do and nails. In clubs, there is a finger sign that most clients are familiar with and will look out for before heading to the toilets to strike the deal.”

What Practitioners of Male Prostitution Say?

Nigerian Popular Gay Couple

Some of these sex workers have families and claim that they still love women. Our source also happens to be a father of one who left his home in th village in search of greener pastures and has been in the business for more than six years now.

He says that even before coming to the city, he was already into it and it was his friend who introduced him to the odd act of homosexuality. Though he claims to have parted ways with his wife following a small misunderstanding, she (wife) together with his family members have never found out that he is a male prostitute.

Challenges in Male Prostitution

Though they get more customers on the streets and paid well on streets, they sometimes fall into traps of cons, police officers and county askaris who besides extorting money also want to sleep with them. What a hell!

Another challenge is not paying them after having the illegal kind of sex as according to the constitution of the country, Uganda. A number of these male prostitutes are not happy with clients that trick them after the act and vanishes without paying even a coin.