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Moses Radio Once Washed My Car and It’s Where Our Friendship Evolved From- Weasel

Radio & Weasel

The surviving CEO of the Good Lyf Crew, Weasel, was live today at a famous morning (Mwasuze Mutya) show hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe at NTV Uganda. This morning show broadcasts every Monday to Friday where celebrities talk about their background and more so their road to success.

Speaking at the show is where Weasel revealed the genesis of his friendship and partnership with the deceased icon – Mowzey Radio real names Ssekibogo Moses Nakintijje.  The guwooma singer said that he didn’t know about Radio by the time he recorded his first hit Bomboclat, a duet with Jose Chameleone and Professor Jay, not until he one time found his car very clean than it had ever been, washed by him – Radio.

Weasel (right) and Faridah Nakazibwe

From that day on wards, Weasel decided to start moving often with Radio and as time moved on, their friendship became strong to an extent that they started recording songs together and everything that hurt any of them could also affect the other.

He however also talked about the death of his colleague where he said that they were from the village and Radio decided to go and visit his constructions (apartments). Weasel said that he tried to stop Radio to go since they were tired and advised him to visit his constructions the next day but his words were received by a deaf ear.

Few hours later, Weasel says that he received a call informing him that his friend-turned-brother is in coma, a thing which he first took unserious not after he was called again. To cut things short, Weasel lastly named his favorite song among their songs being ‘breath away’ and the best collaboration he stated ‘ability’ featuring Rabadaba. He also revealed that he is working on a duet with the talented ‘do dat’ hit maker, John Blaq.



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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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