Magogo’s Dellah Dumped , replaced with a hot babe

Latest but not yet legit info from our ‘buzzing bees’ is Dellah Ssali, the FUFA President’s official Side Babe being Dumped and it is said that she has threatened to end her life if all this is confirmed true.

Some time back, it was reported that the married FUFA President with 3 children, Engineer Moses Magogo and his his long time side dish Dellah Ssali were on the verge of breaking up as the latter was caught cheating.

After learning that Magogo had replaced her with a hot babe, soueces reveal that Dellah couldn’t beleive her ears as she couldn’t bear the sad news of seeing another woman enjoying what she used to monoplolise on.

It is said that ever since Dellah was apparently caught cheating, things have never been the
same again as Magogo stopped pampering her like before.

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

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