Magufuli Steals Show At Kololo During M7 Swearin-in

His arrival Receives the greatest applause from the crowd.

magufuli1Grief was the main identity of FDC supporters and some people living and working from areas of
Kampala and surrounding areas. This was due to various reasons including: the abrupt arrest of the
FDC flag bearer in the 2016 national elections and proclaimed ‘People’s President”,
Dr. Col. Warren Kifeefe Kizza Besigye; The closure of various roads leading to the capital city of
Uganda and Kololo ceremonial grounds that affected many people more so those leaving along Ntebe road
as they were seen walking along the roads to and from their respective work places.

However, at Kololo ceremonial grounds, it was a moment of happiness, eating, dancing and drinking
to thousands of NRM fans who flocked the place in yellow shirts who were delivered at the place by different
means of transport including ministries’ buses for example Ministry of Agriculture…

Over 14 heads of state from both Sudan south and North, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Niger, Ethiopia, Mali, Tanzania among others
attended the ceremony to testify the NRM and Uganda’s newly elected president start on
his journey of 35 years ruling Uganda since 1986.


These arrived at different time intervals, however, as the Tanzanian recently elected president was being welcomed
by his fellow President Museveni, happily chuckles, roars, claps applause from the crowd hit the maximum and filled
the place that lasted for over 30 seconds that prompted even the guests to join them. this left the biggest question
to the organizers  ask them selves what had happened to the them. Till now, Ugandan buzz has also joined other people
to find a reason for such a hilarious act to the selected few

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