Malaika Nnyazi opens about her affair with Chameleone

Last year, rumours did rounds in town that KFM’s Malaika Nnyanzi had a relationship with ‘Siri Mujjawo’ singer Jose Chameleone following allegations that Daniella had issued warnings the presenter to back off her man.

Mean while, Nnyanzi has revealed that the musician is a cool and nice man.

“Actually, I also read those rumours in newspapers. I never said it anywhere on TV or radio that I am in love with Chameleone. For heaven’s sake, I knew him as a married man and that’s all.”

She admitted that she liked him a good musician before praising his as a cool and nice guy and assuring Daniella that she was not there to fight her.

“We met one year back at SOME concert in Lugogo and we hugged before which tabloids took the matter so seriously.” She lamented while claiming the rumors hoax.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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