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Shameless Man Busted Defiling a Neighbor’s donkey

Despite the high increasing rate of modernity and drop in prices of female hookers on streets in almost every urban center of the country, some men haven’t yet given animals a break in as far as bestiality is concerned. Domestic animals are continuing to feel the heat!

Residents of Narok had some comic relief last week after a man caught ravaging a donkey was served with jungle justice and paraded nude at a local market.

The man who the villagers said was new in the area was found early in the morning by the owner of the donkey as she went to rouse the animal to fetch charcoal from a market centre in the area.

“At first, I could not believe what my eyes had seen! A man perched atop the animal!, I then dashed back to the house to call my husband to witness the spectacle,” the donkey owner narrated.

When the owner came back with her husband, the shameless man was so engrossed in the act that he did not hear the two approaching him.

This when he was whacked with a walking stick on his bare behind which made him to fall down. He tried to take off but the farmer overpowered and wrestled him to the ground before tying his legs as he had also done to the donkey to make it immobile as he was perching atop it.

The woman then wailed loudly, waking up the whole village to come and witness. The furious locals then unleashed terror upon the middle aged-man amid chants and pointed digs, vowing to teach him a lesson.

“He should be ashamed of himself. How can he gain canal knowledge of a donkey, yet women are all over this locality? This is too much. Men must stop this nonsense. Is it that women are playing hard to get or are there way too many crazy men who will stop at nothing to satisfy their fetishes and curiosity in this country” a one resident wondered!

A one woman identified as Christina was heard mocking the man’s down member saying that it was too small for a donkey, instead of using it on a helpless animal, he should have approached some of them (women).

“He thought he could satisfy the donkey with that thing? He ought to have stuck to his lane,” she ridiculed him.

He was then taken round the market as curious onlookers took photos before later being frogmarched to the police station.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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