Man Eats 60 Gallons of Ice Cream – Meets his Creator

Had a Rare Eating Disorder

A man who had a rare eating disorder has died after eating an alarming 60 gallons of Ice Cream.

Juan Pablo Iglesiaz, a 36-year-old man from New Mexico, has met an untimely death several hours after being brought into the emergency room after a heart failure possibly caused by hypothermia.

The man who suffered from an extreme case of binge eating disorder had eaten an estimated 60 gallons of ice cream before succumbing to heart failure caused by a lethal drop of his body core temperature, believe experts.

“He had only been working here for a few days” explained Eleonora Brimmes, the convenient store assistant manager where Juan Iglesiaz had been hired 36 hours prior to his death and where he was found unconscious moments before being transported to the emergency room.

“He was a good employee nonetheless, this a great tragedy” she told local reporters, visibly saddened by the whole affair.” she said

Juan Pablo Iglesiaz is believed to have suffered from an extreme case of binge eating disorder in which the victim loses all self-control on the quantities of food he is ingurgitating, explains Dr. Alan Rushmore of the Mountain View Regional Medical Center in Las Cruces.

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