Man to be stoned to death over farting in the mosque

Though nobody wants to anticipate the stench of half cooked beans and other decaying fatty proteins one has been eating but when it comes to Sharia Laws in the middle East!!. According to the Islamic religion and the Sharia Law, Ramadan is the most important religious festival and any crime committed during this holy month can get you loose a life.

According to reliable ‘buzzers’, A Pakistani judge has sentenced a 33 year old man, Muhammad Al-Wahhabi, to be executed after he was expelled 17 times from 6 different mosques for excessive farting during Ramadan. He is to be stoned to death since beheading is a very light sentence and saves one from any suffering.

The judge declared that he had indisposed people of the faith and even caused 53 people at one time to leave the mosque during a prayer and has to be punished as ‘according to Allah’s will.’

While in self-defense, Al-Wahhabi claimed to be suffering from chronic flatulence, a rare medical condition that causes one to pass out bad air all the time but unfortunately no lawyer would take his case. He added that he used to put a tampon in his rectum several times in a desperate attempt to mask the noise and odor but all couldn’t help.

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