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I’m a Tz, U’ll shed the tears I’ve shed too – Mariam Nisha, Barbie Jay’s Wife

Reports has it that ever since the ‘Sumbuusa’ Singer, Barbie Jay was nabbed pants down while feasting on an unidentified woman’s

‘Kitone’ from his car, he hasn’t gone back home. He has decided to spend nights at his Studio in Makindye over reasons well known by him.

However, this comes in when his wife, Millers Nisha Mariam, back at home is spitting fire, threatening to make (either him or the woman he was caught with) cry if he dare change his minds to go back to their house or approach her.

While speaking to a local TV Station, The sobbing Mariam Nisha revealed how she was shocked when she saw her husband naked with another woman yet she had just given birth to a baby boy earlier this month.

“I was shocked when I learnt about the news, he left home for a show and he hasn’t returned since. I am waiting for him to come back and he tells me exactly what happened,” Mariam Nisha, the wife to Singer Barbie Jay and the mother of two lamented.

She however warned which ever woman involved with her husband to be careful what will befall her since she hates being taken for granted.

“I hate being taken for granted; those ladies want to spoil our marriages they don’t know where we came from. When I realize it’s you who I have been thinking about, I am a Tanzanian you will shed the tears I have shed too,” she warned.

All this follows singer Barbie Jay being nabbed while having sex with a woman (side dish may be) from his car, by Police in Mengo during the weekend, the report that he has termed false, and meant to destroy him…

Kyokka Barbie Jay…. With all the Pictures that we saw!!! Good Luck…

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