Ridiculous things That Men think of Dating Fat Girls

According to research, almost all women find the process of trying to find the ideal man hard and it becomes more grueling when it comes to plus-sized women. Most guys have proved out to be fat-phobic as most expect settling down with those presentable in thin and medium packages.

Heavy sized babes always encounter first hand struggles when trying to meet someone on a date since most men have absurd preconceived notions of what a heavy woman looking for a boyfriend should be like. These include;

Desperate and easy

There are some beliefs in Men that when you are looking forward at getting easy sex, target overweight women. They think these women are so desperate that they will sleep with any man who gives them attention.

However, this is a very gross generalization of overweight women. Being overweight doesn’t mean a woman will be insecure and an easy score for horny men. A lot of overweight women now hold themselves in high esteem and wouldn’t give the time of day to men who just want them for sex.

They don’t have a choice

Most women have a list of requirements for potential partners. Some don’t like giants while others see no future in settling down with short men. However, Some men believe that overweight women don’t have a right to be picky when it comes to the men they will go out with.

They think that fat girls don’t have a specific type of man they are attracted to.

They are not Sexy

Some guys believe that fat women are so unattractive that the only a few men can go for them, mostly the renowned chubby chasers. However, overweight women are also beautiful and secondly, looks are not the only thing that attracts a man to a woman.

Should be grateful for any man

This stems from the belief that overweight women are not attractive and therefore, should be very grateful to the men who decide to date them despite this. This is why guys who date overweight women sometimes act like they should receive a medal for it.

They are not Good in Bed

Guys have a beleif that Over weight girls are not always good in bed just like their slender counterparts. They say that fat ladies are limited to specific positions during the throws of passion since they are not fit enough to adjust to any position a man would like to explore.

Poor Personal Hygiene

Many guys out there have a beleif that it’s hard for chubby women to keep their bodies clean more so the nether regions. They think that the large amount of flesh they possess in these always sweaty regions makes it hard to wash them clean as compared to thinner ones. This is the reason why many admit there are more chances of contracting STI’s from fleshy women than petite ones.

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