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Common Apprehensions Among Men Prior to Intimacy with a New Partner.

Secrets about New love Relationships!

Believe it or not, many men seek intimacy with women not merely for pleasure, but driven by a desire to excel and surpass either their own previous experiences or their partner’s prior relationships. This stems from a fear that if their initial performance falls short compared to her past lovers, she might question her decision to be with them. Consequently, young men or those more experienced often harbor apprehensions before embarking on this intimate journey, apprehensions that arise when approaching uncharted romantic territory.

Lust to know  how they are!

Devoid of modern/ Quality Styles

Many men believe they are great in bed, often using adult movies as a benchmark for performance and constantly striving to improve and boost their skills, particularly in their youth, where the fear of being judged as lacking porn star quality or credentials can linger before getting between the sheets.

“Conceiving with her

This crucial factor is common in youths like me that fear early responsibility. Such types will never last long in a relationship since they believe that the more affectionate she becomes to you, the higher chances of issues like ‘lets start a family together darling!’ comes in. So the reason we mostly opt for random girls.

And truly, whenever you get in bed with such woman, or the one you think is not up to your standards, his biggest fear is getting her pregnant or her clinging on you.

Novice Coming Off!

As many men confessed, they always want to prove and to be seen as ‘normal’ by their sweet-lovers or partners. They pray and hope once they get naked, they will resemble other ‘normal’ men she has met before, both physically and in their sexual behavior. No man wants to come off as odd or weird.

Failure to rise fruitfully for the occasion

For the long  period of time of dating, here comes a time when she give you a ‘yes’ or behaves in a manner likely to suggest she is ready for intimacy. This is where the fear of failing to rise to the occasion or not having a sufficiently stiff one happens to some men. Another fear in this kind of state is experiencing a premature ejaculation while still ‘warming up’ even before the big game itself begins.

Another fear that some individuals might have in this kind of state is being unable to perform at their best during the actual event, despite feeling prepared and confident beforehand. This fear of under performing or not living up to expectations can create significant anxiety and pressure.

 STI’s saga!

The apprehension of having to traverse from one clinic to another, seeking medication for an STI acquired after an encounter with a new girl met at a bar or brought home casually, leads us to carefully consider our actions before engaging in sexual activity, especially when adequate protective measures were not anticipated.

Becoming emotionally attached to a woman they have no interest in

There are women that we guys just chase to satisfy our curiosities or to fulfill our wild fantasies. Unlike women who put a relatively high premium on intimacy, a good number of men tend to be very casual about it. So when guys are getting intimate with the girls they really don’t like, most worry about the resulting consequences like getting emotionally attached or clung on them.

They believe that when thing goes better between the sheets, time will come when she no longer wants to keep it private.

Coming up empty-handed!

This is mostly in older men, especially bachelors. One question that seemingly nags them each time they are making love is whether they are impotent or are fertile. Knowing that you can bring forth a human being, even if there are no such plans is every man’s pride. Every man is always hoping that he doesn’t shoot blanks.

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