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Rising Star Bio: Model & Fashionista, Fai Styles


Different people approach the term Fashionista in various ways. One can refer a fashionista to a person who produces and promotes high fashion while another can term it to someone who dresses after current trends. So kind of a reflection of the general idea. You may have heard of a number of fashionistas in Uganda but among them you will find out a few are men.

However, contrary to popular belief, the world of fashion designing and modeling in men now offers nearly everyone a chance to participate. Though not every person can become a fashion model, there are promising results from those who have come out to taste it.

Uganda now proudly has a string of rising male fashion designers and have with time begun to match the status and acclaim of female models and fashionistas. Among the top rising stars in this industry is a Fai Styles.

Ssentongo Faisal a.k.a Fai Styles

Born Ssentongo Faisal, Fai Styles is a Ugandan riring fashionista born in Kampala, the Capital in the year 1996. He went to an Ikastola school until he was 10 years old, but due to traveling he went on to enroll in public, private, and International schools thereafter. His mother is a fashionista dressing only females and and children.

Joining Fashion

Sentongo adopted the name Fai Styles as his professsional brand a fer years back having been discovered in the fashion profession around September 2015 while vacationing in Kampala and accompanying a friend who was invited to attend a fashion show.

While there, a booker noticed him and persuaded him to give the fashion world a go. His first professional experience was in kenya. He started working for wardz modeling in Kampala. However, he is now a freelance having left Wardz modeling in 2019.

Fai Styles currently lives in Kampala. He speaks Luganda, kiswahili, French and English. If he was not modeling he would be IT specialist; however, he notes that interior designing and photography are some fields he has always been curious about.


His hobbies include watching films, playing video games, reading books, sunbathing, going to the mountains with friends, and listening to music.

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