Moroto Hospital to Start Selling Dead Bodies

Moroto Regional Referral Hospital in Moroto District in Karamoja sub region in Eastern Uganda has proposed to start selling unclaimed dead bodies.

Dr Filbert Nyeko the hospital director says the facility is stuck with several unclaimed bodies and that the Municipal Council which is responsible for burying them was also not cooperative.
He said that are considering to start selling the bodies to universities and colleges for students practical lessons.

This follows the continued habit by some people in the area who abandon bodies of their dead relatives at the medical facility.
Last month, the hospital suspended carrying out postmortem on accident victims due to limited space in the hospital mortuary which is full of unclaimed bodies.

The hospital management then said there was not enough space in the mortuary where a doctor could stand while carrying out the autopsy.

Additionally, the stench from the uncollected dead bodies in the hospital last month forced patients to desert wards with most of them seeking shelter under trees outside the hospital building.

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