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Top 13 Viewed Ugandan Videos on YouTube

With the emerging technological trends, video views have become an important aspect for entertainers around the world with the top video site being YouTube. A number of entertainers have opened up YouTube channels to promote their music, advertise their upcoming projects among others.

Not only for this reason, others mostly those with channels for comedy skits also target YouTube for earnings from the ads since there is that option too to channels that have more than 10,000 views.

From a recent survey, we managed to find out the most viewed local content in Uganda on YouTube. Though accumulating large numbers of YouTube views is still a challenge, singer Edrisa Musuuza a.k.a Eddy Kenzo and the Masaka Kids Africana, a kids dancing group from Masaka town still dominate the list of top 13, both bragging with with 12 positions. It should be noted that these two stand with the most subscribed Youtube Channels in Uganda with Eddy Kenzo first (1.71 Million subscribers) and Masaka Kids Africana second with (1.06 Million subscribers)

Here are the 13 most viewed videos by Ugandans as standing on 11th June 2020.

1. Masaka Kids Africana – Dancing Joy Of Togetherness – 57M

Most of you might have thought of one of Eddy Kenzo’s videos to be in this position but it is surprisingly not. This is the most viewed locally created video content on Youtube featuring 3wash_hip_hop & Karina Palmira.

Premiered on 21st March 2019, this video currently stands at 56,969,107 views.

2. Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Tweyagale By Eddy Kenzo – 35M

Premiered on 23rd February 2020, this was the fastest Ugandan video to hit 20 mllionn views on youtube that it attained on only a month. It currently stands at 35,047,211 views

3. Comedians dancing to MARIAROZA by EDDY KENZO.

Premiered on 11th March 2015, this video published on Eddy Kenzo’s Youtube channel currently stand at 34,388,342 views

4. Eddy Kenzo – Sitya Loss vevo

Premiered on 18th September 2014, this video published on Eddy Kenzo’s Youtube Vevo channel featuring the Ghetto Kids dancing group currently stand at 27,240,867 views.

5. Sitya Loss – Eddy Kenzo | Official Music Video

Premiered on 13th March 2014, this video published on Eddy Kenzo’s Youtube (main) channel featuring the Ghetto Kids dancing group currently stand at 24,292,537 views.

6. Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Joy Of Togetherness/ Episode 3 – 19,024,080 views

7. Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Koti Ko – MastaGaan ft Simonne – 16,600,702 views

8. Manala & Friends dancing Free Style by Eddy Kenzo – 16,304,960 views

9. Ghetto Kids dancing StyleZo(Kadondo) by Eddy Kenzo – 14,036,167 views

10. Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Serebu By Eddy Kenzo – 13,026,013 views

11. Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Kumbaya – 10,568,639 views

12. Jose Chameleone – Badilisha

This is the only video in this list not belonging to Eddy Kenzo or Masaka Africana Kids. Premiered on February 6, 2013, the video has so far accumulated 9,894,943 views on youtube.

13. Koloba Boys Dancing Let’s Go by Eddy Kenzo – 9,041,666 views

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