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Movie Buzz: 5 Best Action Movies of 2017

As we are wrapping up 2017, movie lovers are extremely excited for the Christmas blockbusters and movies that are coming up. However, before we take the big step, let us take some time to review the top 5 action movies for this year.

Here we go with our Movie Buzz!!

1. Security

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Starring Antonio Banderas, a shopping mall security guard. On his first day of work, he finds himself caught between deadly armed thugs led by Ben Kingsley and an innocent young girl who will be presenting key testimony against their Gangstar boss. All forms of communication are lost during a storm. Think Die hard in a shopping mall. It is my best so far.

2. Fate of the Furious

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With Dom and Letty married, Brian and Mia retired and the rest of the crew exonerated, the globe-trotting team has found some semblance of a normal life. They soon face an unexpected challenge when a mysterious woman named Cipher forces Dom to betray them all. Now, they must unite to bring home the man who made them a family and stop Cipher from unleashing chaos. The movie that was the fourth-fastest-grossing film worldwide by days to milestone was worthy a watch.

3. Wonder Woman

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The Celebrated comic of a super strong, hot and attractive woman was finally made into an Action Movie. Wonder woman brings you a story of an Amazonian warrior who leaves her home to go and fight. She believed that killing Ares would end the war. Strong fierce, and fearless, the princess emerges successful for her people. Don’t tell me you missed this – Movie Buzz

4. John Wick 2

Starring Keanu Reeves, this was about a retired mega, super assassin who hopes to become a civilian. He is however approached by “an old friend”, Santino, who offers him a marker and tells him that rejecting it will mean he is violating one of the two unbreakable rules of the underworld: no killing on Continental grounds. He then tasks John to assassinate his sister Gianna so he can claim her seat. Santino then posts a 7 million dollar contract for whoever can kill John. This was a might watch!

5. Logan

If you are a lover of the X-Men Marvel Comics, this was for you. Starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, a super hero whose abilities have weakened fights back to victory. He was to support a former biotechnology and Laura, his daughter to take them to Eden. Killers haunt Logan to extinct all the X-Men. Do not mess with Logan.

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