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Movie Review: American Assassin out in Cinemas

In the countries it has showed, American Assassin has scored spectacular review. If you have watched the trailer, it reveals action right from its opening.

Based on one of the best selling books by Vince Flynn where Dylan O’Brien (starring Maze Runner, Teen Wolf..) as Mitch Tapp, a counter terrorism agent doing black ops for CIA. His character in the movie is injected with horror and hate.

It also features Michael Keaton as Stan Hurley who trains a special black ops group for counter terrorism at a remote secret location in the woods. Stan is sent by Mitch Tearaway who has put his life in danger to fight terrorists single-handedly to instill in him the values important in the line of work.

Mitch is later recruited into the counter terrorism programme in order to channel his personal vendetta and his acquired Mixed Martial Arts skills into a government planned terrorism operation.
This is an intriguing story that will keep your eyes glued on the screen.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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