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Mowzey Radio Needs Justice; Dr Hilderman summons all musicians and fans to attend court

It is really a pity that ever since Mowzey Radio’s homicide, almost 2 years, the deceased and his family have not got justice besides making court their other home. Radio’s family spearheaded by his older brother, Frank Ssekibogo, and their mother, Kasubo Jane, have been moving to court almost every month but have acquired nothing rather than telling them to go back on some other scheduled dates, continuously.

radio, left, with his lifetime associate weasel

Up to this time, the court (Entebbe Magistrates Court) is still postponing the dates for Radio’s case and the scheduled dates this time round are on 24th/September/2019, which will be a Tuesday.

It is a big shame that none of the musicians has ever attended the court with the exception of Weasel Manizo, the deceased’s lifetime music associate. However, this time round Hillary Kiyaga alias Dr Hilderman aka Mazongoto has called upon his fellow musicians along with the fans to throng the Entebbe Magistrates Court on Tuesday to plead for their colleague’s justice.

Radio & Weasel

Indisputably Mowzey Radio was among the best musicians of his regime, if not the best, leaving many hit songs to his name such as; zuena, leesu, talk and talk, nakudata, breath away, magnetic, ability, bread and butter, just to mention….Besides that, the crooner had also composed/wrote many hit songs for his fellow artists, such as; tikula for Rema Namakula, twalina omukwano and wakajanja for Juliana Kanyomozi, and Kibulamu for Winnie Nwagi, among many others. Rest in peace lyrical king!!!!


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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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