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Palm prints & DNA details capture to be Introduced – Museveni

Before the tweet from President Museveni about the replacement of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kale Kayihura and Security Minister Henry Tumukunde by Martin Okoth Ochola and Gen Elly Tumwiine respectively, he first talked about the new security measures to be introduced in order to curb the ongoing security threats to Ugandans and the country at large. Here, he talked abot the introduction of security cameras in urban areas and the capturing of palm prints and DNA of every Ugandan.

The president reassured Ugandans that the latest wave of crime would be solved by the government, just like armed rebellion and other problems that have been solved in the past.

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Museveni revealed that the acquisition of cameras had delayed because of technical analysis by scientists as to the best types andthe financing where he added on that cameras were not cheap or free gifts.

As another way of fighting crime, Museveni recently added that it is time for Ugandans’ palm prints and DNA details to be captured to aid the fight against crime.

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