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Types of Drunks you are Likely to Find in Ugandan Bars

types of drunks in Uganda

Uganda is one of the top ranked drunk countries in the world with beers and locally made gins as the main preffered brands. A visit to any random bar or a club, you are bound to find different kinds of drunks. here are the top kinds of drunks you are likely to meet in Ugandan bars whether in the village or town.

Loud-Mouthed Drunk

If you have been around drunks, you have encountered this one. This one becomes noisy once the alcohol has gotten to his mouth and will not talk in a low voice. Just like a parrot, he is belligerent and thinks he knows everything.

He always has something to say about everything and will argue with anyone about anything. He likes speaking in English and keeps referring to his job title or academic qualifications to prove his point.

Quiet drunk

This one never says much. He drinks quietly without participating in the ongoing conversations at the table, save for the occasional nod and grunt.

Quiet drunk

He will look as if he is about to pass out but he is very much awake, listening to your ramblings while seeming to be lost in his drunken stupor. He likes the corner seat.

Emotional drunk

With this one, once the alcohol has settled in his heart he will become sensitive and sentimental. He will hug you affectionately and weep as he tells you how much he loves and respects you because you go way back. This is the only time he remembers the good times you’ve shared, real and imagined, and cry about the day you helped him out of a tight spot.

However, most times emotional drunks have less to say when they are not under the glass influence.

Violent drunk

In every circle of drunks, there is always one who thinks he is the body guard of others. He thinks he is the next Moses Golola where by with after just few frothy beverages, he wants to fight everything. He has broken many glasses and bottles and has been kicked out of many pubs because of his brawls.

He will threaten to beat the waiter, the manager and every one around dare mess with him or friends. He’ll insult you even for simply looking at him.

Womanising drunk

This one has only one purpose, to seduce women and take one or two home for the night.

He takes his drinks while darting his eyes around looking for a potential mate and is always on his phone texting his exes and other possible lovers for the night. Womanising drunks pretend to have more money than they actually have.

Smart drunk

This one is serious and contemplative after his third bottle. Like a professor, he will start pondering the meaning of life and the purpose of death.

drunks in UgandaHe will quote philosophical statements about human nature and taxes. However, his conversations don’t las long because less are interested to follow.