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Female Genital Modification/ Labia Elongation in Uganda

In Uganda, most Bantu tribes majorly the Baganda have a lot of things as attached to their norms that are practiced by girls and...

Events: Buganda Royal Music Revival

Event Summary: Saturday, 18th November 2017 At National Theatre FEE: No set Price - Pay what you can National theatre will play host to the first Buganda Royal...

Buganda featured in Marvel’s Superhero Movie “Black Panther”

Following the epic release of Marvel’s American superhero trailer of “Black Panther” movie that features the 'Wakanda' fictional character The Captain America Civil War...

Life of the Kabaka of Buganda as he turns 62 today

The ancestors of mythical Kintu and Nambi (Baganda) all over Buganda kingdom and world wide, are in great happiness upon their supreme traditional and...




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