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Singer Stabua Natooro Elated by Kabaka’s handshake

Stabua Natoor handshake with the kabaka

‘Tujanjawaze’ Singer Stabua Natooro feels to be the happiest person on the planet having received a rare handshake from the Kabaka of Buganda, His highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

Stabua then shared her joy with her fans by taking to her social media to pages to reveal how she no longer stresses to get blessings.

Singer Stabua Natooro
Singer Stabua Natooro

Neyanziza ayi beene. Stress wazingobeddeko ddala. nze sestressinga which loosely translates to ‘Thank you Kabaka. You took away all my stress. I don’t stress anymore’

This was during the Buganda’s Women Ttabamiruka Conference that was at Hotel Africana recently organized annually by the Nabagereka of Buganda, Sylvia Naginda Luswata.

Kabaka of Buganda
Kabaka of Buganda

In her recognition, Kabaka heaped praise to Stabua’s music, revealing how he usually listens to them during his workout sessions.


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