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Imagine the Moment of Dr. Besigye Swearing-in at Kololo


Yesterday 12th May 2016 at Kololo ceremonial grounds was the taking of oath that saw Museveni start on a journey to his 35 year rule of Uganda.
It has been the same face you watched swearing in on January 29, 1986 at the doorsteps of parliament is the same face you’ll saw holding a bible pledging to uphold the constitution of the republic of Uganda handing over power to himself.

Let’s take a minute of imagination. What if it was Dr.Kizza Besigye swearing in tomorrow, how would it have been? What would you be doing now? these are the possible scenarios as attributed to Mr Frank Gashumba’s opinion the leader of Sisimuka Uganda;

  • Bars would be empty, in fact we would be ordering for more beer from maybe our friends in Kenya.
  • Kraals and butcheries would be empty.
  • All restaurants would be empty, no food, no drinks no nothing
  • Instead of being protected by the army and police, the people would be protecting their president.
  • The president’s car would have been pushed from Kasangati to Kololo by the people.
  • The airport would be closed, as all workers would be at Kololo.
  • All local and international media houses would be camped in Uganda to cover the events from Kasangati to Kololo at free cost.
  • Nightclubs, lodges and guest houses would have made sales they’ve not realised in years in just a day.
  • More than 100,000 women would ve conceived this might.
  • Would have no fuel in Uganda, where would you get it?
  • There would be scarcity of pork everywhere in Uganda. It would be that phenomenal!

But the question still posed remain the same since 2001, Will this happen one day?


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