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Prynce Okuyo, Cindy’s Husband, Successfully Tracked Down Sheebah’s Stolen iPhone in Arua.

Cindy Sanyu’s Husband Successfully Recovered Sheebah’s iphone.

Prynce Okuyo, Cindy’s husband, successfully tracked down Sheebah’s stolen iPhone in Arua.

Exciting news today reveal that dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu’s husband, Prynce Okuyo Atiku, successfully tracked down and recovered Sheebah Kalungi’s stolen iPhone. Earlier today, Sheebah’s fans were left in dismay when a viral video showed her pleading with an unidentified reveler who had taken her iPhone during her performance in Arua.

Upon seeing the heart-wrenching video of Sheebah on social media, Prynce Okuyo Atiku reached out to expressing his concern about the situation. He further assured that he was already in Arua and had initiated efforts to locate the missing iPhone, confident that he would succeed.

In subsequent communications, Prynce informed us that he had managed to trace the individual in possession of the phone and had scheduled a meeting with them on Saturday evening at around 7:40 PM. fortunately, he successfully retrieved the phone and handed it over to Sheebah’s manager.

In a video that went viral on media, Prynce urged the residents of Arua to desist from the act of stealing people’s belongings, emphasizing that it is not the best way to welcome visitors.

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Written by Kusaasira Noah

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