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Smart Wallet on market: It Can’t get lost


Here is a smart wallet that has taken security to the extreme!! Keep away pick pocketers by acquiring your self a Volterman Smart Wallet that cant get lost/ stolen to keep your money and documents safe.

It packs about as much technology as your smartphone, including 512MB of RAM, power bank, GPS tracker, distance sensitive alarm system, RFID protection, Wi-FI hotspot capabilities and a hidden front facing camera that takes photos of whoever tries to open it, and sends them to the owner once in ‘lost mode’.

Pair it with your smartphone, every time the distance between phone and wallet goes over a certain threshold, an alarm will notify you, so you don’t accidentally leave it behind. If you forget your phone somewhere, the wallet alarm goes off, letting you know that its best friend is missing.

The Volterman wallet looks like a simple leather wallet on the outside, open it, you will be shocked by seeing a whole different beast on the inside.

The global GPS tracker allows you to locate the wallet anywhere in the world and the RFID protection system is designed to prevent electronic pick-pocketing or RFID skimming. Though credit cards, some passports and driver licenses now come with radio frequency identification chips that thieves can clone, the Volterman Smart Wallet prevents that.

This is not your average wallet, but the most advanced one so far in history.