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Ntale, Nwagi Face off at Kampala Carnival

Though the two claim to be in good terms with each other, what we saw at the Kampala Carnival on the sunday night of 8th October 2017 when Muyenga based Swangz Ave’s Winnie Nwagi and songbird Irene Ntale was a different story.

What all people know is that these two babes have been beefing each other for quite a long time and ever since the ‘Gyobera’ hitmaker quit Swangz Avenue label, where she left Nwagi, they have never met face to face.

What was on their faces when they met, obviously showed that the tension between them could be expressly felt in the atmosphere.

They bypassed each other on the stairs to the stage as if they were stark strangers, yet they spent a long time at Swangz Avenue together before Ntale left.

Nwagi and Ntale are biffing each other so that to the extent that Ntale last month attacked Nwagi who was in America, where she had gone with other Ugandans for the Ugandans in North America (UNAA) convention.
During the said time, Ntale slammed Nwagi by calling her a ‘Munakyalo’ in America or someone who was exhibiting rural urban excitement.

That came about after Nwagi posted pictures of her in Miami, something that didn’t go down well with Ntale.

In reply to Ntale’s jibes, Nwagi retorted back by assuring her to mind her business instead of being jealous of others.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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