Weird habits that prove Ugandan husbands ain’t a Joke

weird habits by husbands

Hello Jane, need to learn how dirty a husband can go in a relationship? Try a sample by dating a few of Ugandan men. Ugandan husbands almost bare the odd behavior of all the husbands around the world. From ‘House Maid’ chewers to bisexuals, you all find it all here in the M7-land.

Here are the top weird habits that will prove you that Ugandan husbands are no joke.

‘House Girl’ chewing

There are some husbands out there whose mere stare or gaze at a maid in his house makes him go wruuup in the trousers. They are experienced at playing hide and seek with the maids in the house without leaving a trace to the mistress. House maid chewers are sharp shooters and when they aim at their or your house girl, they don’t miss.

Such husbands may only be exposed when things go wrong with the maid’s special monthly days.

Wife Snatching

This is one of the most odd behaviour among Ugandan husbands more so in the villages. Wife snatchers go to church and will always kiss you a warm goodnight, appearing to be polite and suave but never under estimate them.


A normadic husband has a family residing in a ‘muzigo’ (rented apartment) in Namasuba, yet his vests, boxers and shirts are in other women’s houses in Bwaise, Kibuye. He leaves home every Thursday and resurfaces on Monday evening, in fresh clothes, tired as a lazy mosquito.

Sleeping with fellow men

Yes, there are some husbands in the houses that are gay as well. He can be an ideal man, pays all the bills without complaining and accompanies the wife to those get-togethers yet the truth you are yet to know is that he is a ‘girlfriend’ to another man.


Some husband would check on his wife 60 times in a day, asking stupid questions. Selfish husbands do not allow their wives to enjoy a weekend of gossip, laughter, sipping and adultery, yes you read it clear.

Once they befriend some one’s wife you can’t read what is really happening in the background but it is always breaking the seventh, eighth and tenth commandments. Whats more interesting is that however much these husbands commit adultery or steal the wives of others, their marriages never break.


There are some husbands who not only neglect the basic needs for the family, but also their own basic needs. It is the wife that buys his underwear, toothbrush, cigarettes, alcohol, condoms and socks. She even pays fees for the husband’s siblings and takes care of the family.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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