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Okwepicha Live! Lugogo Cricket Oval Teared Apart.

Gravity’s Okwepicha Concert With an Extraordinary Turn Up.

Okwepicha Live! Lugogo Cricket Oval Teared Apart.

Breaking news: Gereson Wabuyi, alias Gravity Omutujju, delivered an extraordinary performance at Lugogo Cricket Oval during his final concert, aptly named the “Jangu Tugende Mu ‘Kwepicha Live Concert.”

The singer was joined by some of the finest artists in the Ugandan music industry, including the incredible Jose Chameleon, Lydia Jazmine, Geo-Steady, King Saha, and others. They demonstrated their immense talent in front of a massive and enthusiastic audience.

Gereson Wabuyi, the talented artist known for hit songs like “Ekyakuzaala Kyekiri Kutta,” “Broken English,” “Omusomesa,” “Nyama Erimu Gumba” “Walumbe Zaaya,” and other crowd-pleasers, delivered an entertaining show that had all Ugandans captivated.

As the night progressed and approached midnight, Gravity Omutujju took the stage, receiving cheers and excitement from the ecstatic crowd, which included his own mother among the spectators at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Lydia Jazmine and Geo-Steady, who performed their hit song “Same Way,” created an electrifying atmosphere that earned them praise from the audience.

When Gravity Omutujju was joined on stage by Uganda’s top artist, Dr. Jose Chameleon, the excitement reached its peak, and not a single spectator remained seated.

The turnout at Lugogo Cricket Oval was nothing short of amazing, with the venue packed to capacity. However, it’s worth noting that this all occurred on the same night when Navio also hosted his show at Sheraton Hotel with an successive turn up.

Gravity omutujju recent songs form the start.
Walumbe zaya, 2011
Omwooto, 2015
Broken English, 2016
Ekyakuzala, 2019
Embuzi zakutidde, 2018
Omusomesa, 2015
Joanita, 2013
Kappa yo, 2019
Balance the boat, 2018
Towakana, 2015
Teri dogo, 2014
Hits, 2015
Tunyumize, 2016
Bitandise, 2020
Nyabo, 2020
Abanyampi, 2019
Wakulemye, 2015
Ampalana, 2018
Malangajja, 201
Winner’s awards
Winner – Teeniez Breakout Artist 2013[8]
Winner – Best Hip Hop Song at the HiPipo Music Awards 2013[9]
Buzz Tenniez awards – breakthrough artist of the year, 2013[4]
Hipipo music awards – Hip hop song of the year, 2013[4]
MTN hip hop awards – most downloaded song, 2016[4]
MTN hip hop awards – best rapper central, 2019[4]

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Written by Kusaasira Noah

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