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Man, 69, paraded nude after being nabbed Sodomizing boy

A 69-year-old man was forced frog match in the nude before being thumped to pulp after being nabbed pants down while sodomising a 14-year-old boy.

The shameless Kenyan national who also appears to be the neighbor to the boy was treated by several blows and kicks by the residents who came to rescue the boy when they heard him screaming for help.

How he was Nabbed

According to close sources, the suspect has had the habit of sodomising young boys in the wee hours of the night and he allegedly started the odd behavior upon the demise of his wife a few years ago.

“Had the police not intervened, we would have killed the man. He is in the habit of doing such disgraceful acts to kids and when reported to police, he gets arrested and released. We wanted to lynch him, but police saved him. He is lucky we didn’t get petrol and tyres on time. If the police will release him as usual, we will kill him,” A resident vowed.

Next Move

Now, the residents rather propose the suspect to marry another wife instead of going after young boys since he has put the lives of their children at a risk, If not, he will be dealt with perpendicularly.

“It is unacceptable for a man of this age can have feelings for a fellow man or young boy. If he wants someone for sexual reasons, there are way too many women out here. At worst, he can get it from prostitutes at a small fee,” Furious residents said.

What the Boy Says

According to the victim, the suspect lured him with sweets and after taking them, he became dizzy before grabbing him to the bedroom for the shameless act.

“He grabbed me and took me to his bedroom and ripped off my clothes before raping me. When I started screaming, he tried to gag my mouth and threatened to hack me to death,” The Boy whose identity has been withheld narrated.

Police through its OCPD, Joseph Chebii, confirmed the arrest, saying the suspect is in police custody and investigation of the incident still underway while evidence is compiled. After, the suspect will be prosecuted for sodomy.

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