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Experts Say: Is going panty less for women fine?

As the modern society is continuing to conquer the traditional African communities, there is a lot that changes every day in people’s behavior and perception. There is a new trend of women snubbing putting on undies. This is mostly in the youths around 20 – 35 years. They give different reasons as to why they decided to ditch panties/ knickers.

A south African dancer, Ngodwa Wa Zabantu is now among the most popular models on the continent just because of moving out barely naked inside. She is mostly known as the panty less queen and this has made her making several tours in different countries including United States and European countries.

But the question on the table remains; Is going panty less for women fine? After reading this you would be answered.

What Panty less Queens Say?

Extensive research has always been done on why a society needs underwear. A one Suzan who decided to start going out without panties says that ‘the feeling is breath-taking,’.

“This is how our fore mothers did it. They didn’t have panties. And that was life. ‘Downstairs’ was aerated, in constant inter phase with air.” She added on to clarify her reason.

Experts Say

A certain expert in faminine behavior stated that this should not be done by every body. Hygiene comes automatically depending on many factors and going pantyless may vary basing on what kind of work she does.

She says that a woman who works in the office and one who works at home may need different ways of keeping hygiene. The same would apply to one who works in a busy environment that demands lots of energy and those in unhygienic related jobs say charcoal selling.

“It is possible to walk around without underwear and nothing dramatic will happen. So far, there is no scientific research that has found this kind of lifestyle dangerous to a woman’s health. But, I would take it that it is better having one than walking around with none.” She finally gives her stand.

Acute Angle View

However, the tricky part of this panty less business is during menstruation.

Panties at menstruation hold tampons and pads. They keep a woman comfortable through meetings and through work. It would be difficult to work in a busy environment with nothing underneath.

However, dressing is all about choice. And while certain situations may demand for certain ways, at the end, preference and beliefs matter. Just be sure that your choice will keep you happy… and you won’t be ashamed of anything in case you trip and your dress is not enough.

What do you think?

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