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Exposed: Top Spots for Prostitutes and Pimps in Kampala

How and where to find & Get them

kampala prostitutes spots

In the past, there were a few spots in the city renowned for the devious prostitution business such as the famous Speke road, Kabalagala and others. However, over reasons better known by the ladies and a few men in the business, prostitution has taken over various spots in Uganda’s capital. The prostitution business is really booming in Kampala than never before.

Those behind fueling this business even go on further to export hot girls from Rwanda, Congo and Burundi so as to attract more clientele. As day light gives way to night darkness, and so normal day business to the ‘thigh vending’ on various streets and locations of the city. When it clocks beyond 10 pm, it becomes very hard for married couples or a family can to pass via these streets without facing some kind of embarrassment.

Where to Find /Get Prostitutes around Kampala

Eager to know how to find these ladies that parade their bodies for a fee, try these places.

Bars & Pubs

Think you never seen a prostitute but ever visited a bar in Kampala? Think again. Kampala and its surburbs are blessed with a number of bars and lounges categorized into executive, middle class and down town. Once you are looking for hookers, try visiting the latter two. These could be in areas of Makindye, Wandegeya, Kireka, Kabalagala among others. For instance, in Makindye, Kabalagala, Namungoona e.t.c they always parade outside the bar and some inspired. Just a look at them, the business that they do is clear on their face, how they are dressed and even the words from them.

kampala prostitutesIn some classy bars, it might be hard to spot one once you are new to the business. They always disguise as a hottie who has cme to the bar, sipping on her favorite drink and busy on her smart phone seemingly waiting for some one that she had an appointment with before but just late to join her. And here is where the role of pimps pop in. Just go to the ‘how to get them’ to see the role of the pimps.

Here is the list of the hangout spots to find the ‘ladies of the night’;

  • Auto Spa Munyonyo, Just off Ggaba Road to Commonwealth Resort Beach Munyonyo. It is a place for the corporates. This place is renowned for Kampala’s celebrities and Sangomas that flock this night crib for many reasons alongside wiggling with the bootilicious ladies who parade their legs at a fee.
  • Deuces Kansanga. A certain writer/ blogger refered to the place as present day ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’. Youths and middle class men flock the premise to have a ‘taste’ of Congolese and Rwandese babes who work 24 hours a day.
  • In the areas of Nakawa division, Ntinda seems to be the capital of Nakawa Division since it is a place that never goes to sleep, with the various hangout joints coming up. The ladies here are however more secretive and professional in the way they practice their trade. You won’t find them half-naked. They hang around happening places from the main Ntinda stage towards Bukoto, up to the Kafene Stage, close to Shell Bukoto, near Bubbles and behind Tuskys and Ntinda market.


There are renowned streets in Kampala for these ladies that ‘sell their bodies’. If you pass by any darky street in any Kampala surburb past 11 pm, there are high chances that you are about to pass by a prostitute or a thief.

kampala prostitutes

You can find women (prostitutes) of all shapes, shades of skin colour, sizes, tribes and nationalities on the following streets either standing or sitting on any available items in small groups or individually.

  • William Street, the stretch behind Church House down to the roundabout near Pioneer Mall is where the trade is at its highest in Kampala of recent after the unfortunate demise of Sax Pub on Luwum Street. This continues with Wilson Street up to the Mbarara lorry park.
  • Hotel triangle stretch, from the Ternan Avenue, Speke Road round-about, down to Nile Avenue to Kintu Road back to Ternan Avenue.
  • Kyadondo Road. Here, it’s is not easy to tell that some of the ladies here are ‘ladies of the night’ but certain traits such as dress code and the boldness to come and ask to give you company betrays them. Most of them that stage here are learned as they can fluently speak English since they mainly target expatriates and high class men that patronise the place.
  • In upper Kampala, expect to see thigh vendors along Katonga road, Shimoni road and the Tanzanian embassy.

Red Zones

There are a number of renowned red zones in and around Kampala for prostitutes. Some of these operate 24/ 7 while others start as early as 5pm till dawn. They won’t mind throwing obscenities at you should you stop a distance away from them and show them it is not them you are interested in.

kampala prostitutesThese red zones offer girls from as early age as 18 years old and are visible on the streets in what they probably wear, skimpy outfits that can make you think its for her eight year old sister. They stand in groups, conversing and are quick to notice a slowing car, which becomes a jungle law for survival for the fittest. They start from as low as Sh 5000.

These include;

  • In the heart of Makindye, on the upper part of Mobutu Road and at the start of Lukuli Road, off Mobutu Road.
  • Mubarak Zone in Makindye. There is a building just adjacent to the UPDF military barracks around this place branded with labels, ‘Ladies and Rooms available’, so you do not have to ask a lot about the kind of business that booms around the place. One can’t just imagine this brothel is
  • Kabusu Road, right from the Nabunya-Kabusu road junction. The several pubs compacted together are a centre of attraction targeting the patrons of these pubs.
  • De Comrades located at Kansanga Soya zone.
  • Speak Road Kampala. Recntly, the management of Rock Bar chased away these ladies from operating around the premises of the bar but this doesn’t man that the business here died. Speke road still reains the official home for gays, pimps and prostitutes.
  • Stensera Road downwards towards Pope Paul hotel, , in Kireka near Crane bank and along the railway and Dancers Pub in Kibuye.

Other red zones include Honorary Capital Pub in Kabalagala, places of Katanga in Makerere and Kimombasa in Bwaise, Cheers in Ggaba, Nateete, Makindye at a place called Ewa Kiiwa, in Wandegeya at Ground Zero, industrial area.among others.

On top Arcades

Most top floors of Kampala arcades house lodges though are difficult to notice by a lookie in the business. It is possible to find a shop claiming to deal in normal day to day items but with lodge rooms at the back. These arcade lodges are used by men and women who cheat in the famous lunch time sex that makes most Kampala lodges fully occupied from noon to 3pm during which sex sessions take place.

Massage Parlours

Most of the massage parlours offer extra services that also include sex. One of the girl found in a massage spa in town, confessed that she does offer sex to the clients once requested but at an extra cost usually between Sh 30,000 (USD 8) to Sh 110,000 (USD 30). There are even Mobile masseuse who find you in the comfort of your home to give you massage, which is sex in disguise.

On the Internet (Escorts Websites)

These mostly disguise in the name of escort girls. They are just a click or call away. However, you only have to break through their circle to know them since they usually work under pimps of which many hae now turned online.

Uganda has a number of websites where they adverise their services from of which some are managed by foreigners. For the policies managing Ugandan Buzz, we are sorry we can’t publish them here. However, the Uganda Communications commission banned most of them and ordered Internet Sevice providers to block them.

You can also call them erotic or bikini dancers and pole dancers. It is also reported that top hotels also have call away sex escorts at the request of a hotel client.

Social Media Platforms

Ever come across facebook social media pages with weird names in local obscene texts, most are for prostitutes. Some of them disguise in the roles of ‘Ssengas and Kojjas’ but with a role of hookig up prostitutes for their clients. Even other girls who upload obscene photos are sex traders in disguise. It only takes the right words in their inbox to get to a conclusion and always prefer to meet at your home.

How to Get Them

It is just a walk or drive through the mentioned streets and red zones that is away from getting one for those that are intrested. Most of these are bold enough to approach you first before even you do.

kampala prostitutesHowever, for those that stage in the bars, the approach can change. You are the one to approach. She only gives hints for you to start over. These are also helped by special male workers known as pimps.


Pimps are some times refered to as ‘Kayungilizi’ to iterally mean the one to help you connect or get what you want in quick. These are young men found in most hangout joints and their role is to who pimp these ladies and get them customers. These guys are very tactical in their approach. They know every detail about the place you find them in and also which ladies trades most.

He approaches you to where you are seated to give you company but with an inner mission of introducing to you the girl he is with in the business. The pimps know which woman charges what, those who charge in dollars and those who charge in shillings, those who specialise in non-Ugandans, Whites alone and those who do not mind the race as long as the man can pay.

They are even more quick to point out to you how you should be careful as some of the ‘women’ there are thieves.

“Some of these women are thieves and we know them. I can make for you the best choice in terms of character.” A common line for the pimps.

Surprisingly, the pimp’s services do not come at a high fee as a beer or two works the magic from your side. If a deal is done through their connection, they are also paid by the these ladies for their service.

Where do they ‘finish it’ from

These ladies finish it off with their clients depending on the agreed terms and coditions. She can take you to her room, that is mostly shared by about 5 ladies in a row or you pay for the room fee in the nearby lodging around. Others use corridors where you pay as low as Sh 1000 to a security guard to get access to it.

However, some places, such as construction sites in the city centre and office blocks are turned into lodges at night. Some clients who do not want to incur lodge or hotel bills or fear to be seen driving into such places, finish their business from their cars. For between Shs2,000 and Shs5,000, one can have access to these parking lots or corridoes in places along Colvile Street, Clement Hill Road, MacKinnon Road, among other places.

This business is long enough to bring a bread home to a number of people in different ways. There are even those that specially hire their vehicles out on self-drive to such places.

Reasons for the Increase of Prostitution in Uganda

  • The poor lighting of the streets and some sections of the roads gives both the ladies of the night and their ale clients a good cover of being identified.
  • The high increase in the number of bars and pubs in the city, that are the top points of attraction for these ladies.
  • According to the Police, it is now very hard for them to arrest prostitutes ever since the president ordered them to not any more arrest victims of ‘idle and dis orderly’ charges. Only they do is to interrupt their business by forcing them to move away from one place the other. This has according to them given the business an opportunity to exponentially grow in various locations of the country


Prostitution is illegal in Uganda. And most of these prostitutes are thieves and have other intentions towards their clients far beyond room pleasure. Remember, they all do it for business, no affection attached, you should get involved at your own risk. Ugandan buzz published this to make aware of its readers about the places to avoid for mostly to those that have no interest in this business, and not to fall in the ways of being conned by the prostitutes and hookers.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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