Reason why village girls make better wives

There are three types of spouse seekers: the early bloomers, middle bloomers and late bloomers.
Early bloomers meet in college and hit it off until old age while Middle bloomers get a few heartaches before hitting the mother lode and late bloomers are hindered by lack of the right partner and time taken wading through career and educational pursuits.

Searching for a spouse can be a real hustle and wooing but a villager girl would be an easier route. Unlike the sassy city lasses, who by the time they’re done, a man has become a philosopher, village girls can make better wives and here are the reasons.

Natural beauty
Are you tired of city girls that go to bed with a fat butt and wake up flat like a drag queen, try considering settling down with some natural woman by grabbing one from Kiryandongo. You can be sure the lips are hers and the hips won’t fall on one side.

No expenses on housework
Try marrying one from Budondok and you will be sorted: Your clothes will be washed, shoes brushed besides running your home and business rather than city wives that expect five house helps if you can’t afford a washing machine.

Know the way to a man’s heart
While your Kampala belle bombard you with “Bae, today don’t bring chips, feel like eating out at a Cafe Javas…”, a Namawojjolo wife knows that the way to a man’s heart is through hot homemade food.. They make real food and properly made to its natural taste.

Respectful and disciplined
Village babes are well mannered. She will not retort back at hubbies neither expect you to warm your own food when you return home from work nor rummage through your phones suspecting messages from your ex.

Great believers
Like the good book aptly notes some thing close to “A prayerful woman is the pillar of her home,”, while city wives sprawl on the sofa like crocodiles out to sun their hides, a village wife would rather go intercede to God on behalf of her betting and waragi struck husband.

Domestic brood
City wives will dismiss a conversation on babies four, five years into marriage because it will interfere with her figure or career or she is just not sure about the two of you. Village girls are very fertile: expect four kids in three years.

Family oriented
These women know the value and tenets of family. They will have no qualms if a few of your siblings crush in unannounced because they pretty much grew up with close and extended relatives too.

Ignorance is bliss
Shags babes do not make head or tail over feminism and rights or drag their men to Fida.

Stick by me
Rural chicks do not give up on their men easily unlike city girls who resolve conflict by whining on social media. They will not leave because you came home late and drunk, no. They do not leave because you are broke.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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