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How To Strengthen Your Relationship – 8 Best Ways

Mostly the broken relationships are easier to form than the strong ones and we are all aware that relationships take work but the only worries are; do you know how to do that work or what that would even look like?! Well, it’s indisputably true that every relationship is unique and thrives off of different values and behaviors but below are pretty 8 ways that might be significant in how to strengthen your relationship with lover:

1. Try spending time together with your lover
Incidentally this idea may seem oversimplified but spending quality time together can be the most challenging feat for many couples and lovers. Now handed over to you, think about how much quality time you actually get to spend with your lover. Is the time you spend with your lover just enough, too much, or not enough for you? Sincerely, would your lover also have the same response to this question as yours? Probably this should be a topic to discuss or personal need to communicate to, more so with your partner.
Well, according to our research, many couples who are thoroughly satisfied in their relationship spend about six hours together, per week. I reckon you are wondering how to utilize those six hours in a week with your partner but you can wait in our next article, or if you are too eager to know, you can simply google ‘6 hours a week to a better relationship’. Furthermore, it’s always recommendable to put away your phones and other electronics in order to be fully attentive to each other. When it comes to distractions in our world today, there are many of them, but they may just be harming our relationships with others. Among the things you can do when with your partner may include; playing board games, walking around the block, reading a novel and analyse it together, plan a date night, stare into each other’s eyes while wearing earplugs, getting-to-know-you questions, and cooking together, among many others.

2. Communication is vital
Communicating with your partner is very necessary and will help you in strengthening your relationships; know each other’s likes and dislikes. Your partner may want to offer you support, so help him/her out by verbally communicating how they can do so, don’t be too rigid to him/her. And if you want someone to listen, boldly ask your partner to be free of distractions while you are talking. If you need them to be in charge of a certain chore or errand for the week, let them know that you have a lot on your plate and would really appreciate if they could lighten the load. Generally, it is better and easier to communicate a need upfront than having to repair countless times of let down, hurt, or frustration down the road.

3. Talk about Positives in your relationship
We spend most of the time talking about failures in relationships which in all likelihood leave us thinking that our relationship is ultimately in ruin even when this may not be true. If you spend most of the time you get together with your partner talking about what has failed between you, your relationship is actually near to its devastation.

4. Be creative enough
We often lack creativity in our relationships and it’s why most relationships last as short as Yusuf Lule’s presidential-term. There are many affordable but priceless creative things you can do on a weekly basis for your relationship, for example; as a man, you can plan ahead and set a day once a week to cook or bake together with your partner. Create a new recipe or show your partner how to make your favorite dish. You can also decide to turn on some music (it’s funnier to put on music that you both enjoy), and dance together! Check in with one another throughout the day, pray together, email or text each other at least once a day, take a daily walk, say ‘’I love you’’ and show ‘’I love you’’, give each other massage and spa treatment, play together at times.

5. Often hug/kiss each other for a hello, goodbye, and welcome back
One person in the relationship may not always be as excited or ready for physical intimacy, however, it is important to consider your partner’s feelings when greeting or saying goodbye, especially if physical intimacy is a standard practice in the relationship. By greeting or saying goodbye to your partner without some form of physical intimacy, you are creating further distance in the relationship. In addition, there have been many studies showing that a hug can decrease blood pressure and reduce stress. By simply embracing your partner, you may experience “release” from tense emotions and improve your relationship. Therefore, don’t take a hug or kiss so light when you are saying goodbye, hello or a welcome back to your partner.

6. Know how to convey anger to your partner
Has something gone wrong between the two of you? It is better to know how to react such that your relationship does not ruin. It is always a good idea for you to wait to cool down before taking any step. Wait to cool down. This will enable you to process your emotions so that they are expressed in a way that is non-threatening and less reactive. When we allow ourselves to react in the heat of the moment, we can often say things that we may not necessarily mean. However, as with all things, try to find the balance and also don’t dwell on whatever is troubling you for too long because it may help to process through it together and as a team.
Ask about a good time to discuss the topic and make sure your partner is in the right mental space for a deep and personal discussion. Talk about it, be honest, but avoid saying things that are hurtful rather than helpful.

7. Give yourselves space
Though all relationships require growth together, but also individual growth is no less needed. In real life, every person has his/her personal goals, desires, wishes, and outside relationships (besides your relationship with him/her) which also require to be looked after, independently. It is therefore good to give your partner a little bit space, and as already noted above, just utilize the six hours [in a week] together thoroughly well and leave him/her do other things. You should actually have to miss your partner, and this is presumably possible when you give yourselves space for a while.

8. Give yourselves a compliment at least once a day
You don’t really need even to mean it, but feels great hearing to a compliment. As time goes on, compliments can shift your lover’s general perspective of themselves and their outlook on life. It is really your job to support your partner and by doing so, your love story is most likely to last longer than you could even think. Support your partner in one way or the other; remind her/him about the things you love most on her/him and praise them immediately. Make him/her feel so, so special.

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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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