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Kenyabuzz: Man chops off cheating wife’s lover butt

It all happens in Kenya!! Bernard Odhis who returned home from workplace unannounced during working hours found his wife in bed with, what he did was cutting off the offender’s buttocks and walked away with it.

On seeing strange clothes and shoes on his sofa set, Odhis walked in straight to a neighbor’s house. While panting heavily, he asked for a panga lying to have sighted a wild animal in his house.

On receiving the well sharpened ‘machete’, he shouted how he was to kill a snake hiding in his bedroom while running back into his house and into the bedroom to find his wife of many years, Linda, who at that moment was lost in the passion of the moment with another man, in his bed.

After not even 5 seconds, a loud wail awoke the neighborhood as a mysterious man ran out naked with blood allover his head and behind and fell to the ground unable to bear the pain of deep cuts.

“We assisted the man to the hospital, …. we had to change the mode of transport … he could not seat upright on a boda boda as his buttocks had been sliced severely, he was in pain,” said a neighbor.

This guy had been a regular visitor to the woman that made neighbors think they were related.
The butt slicer, Odhis, told Residents that he had been notified that there was a stranger fond of visiting his house whenever their son was dropped off at a local school, and whom his wife had never talked about. This was to teach him a lesson by putting a permanent reminder on him not ever again to date a married woman
He said while holding a piece of butt flesh that he slashed off his buttocks because he knows the area takes long to heal. However, the wife luckily escaped with only a few scratches.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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