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Ladies, Hire cute maids at your own risk!


Never be that foolish woman who thinks you are too beautiful to be replaced by anyone. You are replaceable, even by house helps. Most women are always advised to be careful while selecting house helps, with a fear that one day this Maid will turn out to be a co-wife. These crazy insecure women therefore look into various reasons before recruiting a house help like;
Skinny house helps as they don’t trust curvy ones with their men and being with a hot body is taken as an automatic disqualification to this matter.

Hiring village bred house helps. All they have in minds is that house helps brought up in an urban set-up tend to be very difficult to manage as they know all the hit lines of compliment or winks to start flirting with their husbands.

Picking women who are in their 50s or older as these older women will not tempt their husbands at any time.
“Older women don’t entertain ‘monkey businesses,’ like serving your husband breakfast while dressed in bikers or revealing nightdresses in your absence. They tend to be respectful.” One Lady complimented.

However, Ladies get this: The biggest mistake you can do is hiring a house help who is more beautiful than yourself. If you don’t know what agony is, try pulling off that foolish stunt. Men will always be men. By nature, all men get weak in the knees at the sight of curvy women and with big backsides as it is to the African consent.

Like they say that once a cheat, always a cheat. How do you expect your man to behave when you have brought him such a temptation? Unless you have heard stories about men who wake up and tip-toe to the maid’s bedrooms for quickies.
Don’t blame this to only your man, it even happen in Hollywood. Dare ask singer Gwen Stefani whose ex-husband carried on a three-year affair with the family nanny right under her nose.