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Lots of sex cements Relationships – Research


Bad sex can be a deal breaker where as good sex, lots of it, is the best cement for holding relationships together.

According to research, if you start feeling like your relationship is hitting an ice-berg very soon, start getting intimate as much as you can. However, this must be done after having clearly agreed goals like when to start a family.

Although marriages have been getting a bad rap lately giving the illusion that they are plagued with boundless problems but successful couples are far happier that any other group in society, so they always have that little spark going between them.

According to a certain marriage councillor, if couples become unhappy because of do bad things done to one another like drinking too much, abusing or neglecting one another, fighting, flirting among others, they don’t make enough time for intimacy since very few realise how important sex is to a happy relationship.