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Man up! Avoid saying these before sex


I will set it on fire
To the first time miss about to unleash Venus for you. You will get ashamed when your light is blown off even before she starts panting. No woman loves being left feeling sore after it is over.

Don’t tell my girlfriend
To cheaters, women are naturally jealous. If your chick’s best pal has decided you have to ‘kumbaya’, then never mention another woman.

Are you wet?
Men are used to check on the oil gauge of their cars, but to women, they (men) think they have to ask which is not good at all. Better reserve that for the ignorant.

Should I unleash the ‘silencer’?
That moment when you really want to get rid of the contaminated gasses in you, do it silently if you cant hold it but keep in mind that nobody wants to anticipate the stench of half cooked beans and other decaying plant proteins you have been eating.

Just dare try me
When you start roaring how you will shred her into small pieces, she imagines you are endowed like a horse where it matters. However much you trust your ‘turbo’, just keep a silent about it to avoid complimenting you negatively when things do not go well.

How is your ex?
Talking about an ex whether yours or the woman’s is a big no-no and turn off. Reserve this for 10 years after they are dead in her minds. Take it you are the new and only ‘Sheriff in her town’.

Where do you want me to touch?   
Nigga, better use experience. If you’re a first-timer and know nothing about the ‘game’, just know you wasted time in high school on books only without gaining any knowledge from movies.