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7 Reasons why You Should Never Date Your Best Friend

Good relationships rotate around being with a bonding chemistry between your preferences as partners. However, we all have that opposite sex best friend with whom you are much related in almost everything more than brother and sister. They know how we sleep, eat, party and the choices of partners we prefer. You make each other laugh harder than anyone else and always on your mind.

But have you ever wondered ‘what if’ when kicking it him/ her? Would it be ideal to consider making it official and eventually start a different kind of relationship journey of being husband and wife? Here are the reasons why you should first think twice about it.

Much used to each other

We all know that familiarity can breed contempt and one cannot rule out that because you are best friends, you may not actually take each other seriously. If you are a lover of respect, you may be disappointed as you don’t get it because of the high tendency between yourselves.

Also with this, Some times bringing in the proposal of dating may become hard. Your best friend may think you are joking when you bring up the dating thing and you may have to repeat things several times to convince him/ her it’s not one of your lame jokes.

No surprises in your relationship

Surprises add spice to relationships. But with dating a friend, they would be less effective since you both probably know much about the other person’s likes and dislikes. There will not be that initial excitement or suspense which often leads couples to give their best.

Puts friendship at risk

We have seen many friendships hitting a dead-end after the suggestion of starting a love affair is turned down by either of the party. When the idea isn’t bought by the other person, you would feel awkward and so him/ her. It can be easier to handle rejection from ‘outsiders’ than from those people we are very close to and in that situation, your friendship may never be the same again.

Best Friends

It makes the one who rejected the offer withdraw from the friendship, thinking that the other needed something else other than normal friendship from the start.

Too much comfortable in front of each other

You’ve already crossed from the friend zone into a relationship, but it’s still fairly new as it may cause you to look at one another in a different light. And depending on how you’d like the relationship to progress, being a little too comfortable as you used to be may not be the best thing. Even though the two of you were best friends first, most relationships thrive on the novelty of it all.

Losing friends after a break-up

Break-ups happen all the time and as perfect as any romantic relationship seems from the start, there’s no guarantee that it will hold together in the long run. With many of the same friends, it’s not unlikely that some of them will go one way and some of them will go the other way in the event of a break-up. Not all friends feel like they need to pick a side when things like this happen.

Risk of Rejection by Parents

On the flip side, you’ve already met your best-friend-turned-lover’s parents, and maybe you’re not all that fond of them or perhaps they’ve not seen you in the best possible light.

One-sided affection

It may get to a point in your friendship where they don’t want to offend you and might just go along with anything you suggest to them. For this situation, your best friend agrees to get into a relationship with you just because he or she cannot stand the thought of severing your friendship. Here, you may be in for trouble because the affection would not be mutual.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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