Top Lies by Guys to their Girls

Love and relationships researchers say that most men use lies to their significant others in order to keep their relationships on the up. Ugandan buzz brings you a list of some of these little white lies.

He will never compliment you Look Fat
Most girls ask questions that they do not want the real answers to more so about body size and shape. Of course her man will never say you look fat unless he is a complete jerk and likes to put her down. Just know he is actually trying to protect your self-esteem, so accept this lie for what it is.

Food has been delicious
Even though he is not been impressed with what you have prepared for him, he will say, ‘you are a great cook’ because every body knows that you want your boyfriend to believe that your cooking is the best thing he has tasted since his mother’s.

I Don’t Watch Porn
Believe or deny it, every youth has watched porn at some point in their life; a curious teenager, a lonely man, a bored girl, the kinky couple, there seems to be porn for someone in every walk of life. If you believe your man when he says that porn is not something he is into, think again.

I have Been Busy
This simple statement literally translates to ‘I could not call you because I did not want to’ because being busy has never kept someone from talking to the person they love.

I don’t a rush, take Things Slow
This simply means ‘I am not yet ready to commit to you’. Taking things slow for a guy usually means that he will grace you with the number one girl title but he is slightly leaving the door open in case he finds someone that he considers an acceptable upgrade.

You are Funny
Any guy expects you to make him see things in a different way, but take it you are not a professional comedian. It may not be a lie to him since he believes you are the funniest person in the world but to everyone else, it’s a bit of exaggerating but never mind coz no one cares.

My eyes only have You
But truly ladies, let’s be clear, all guys have wandering eyes and so most girls. It is not a crime to look. Even though he takes the time to look at other women it does not mean that he is any less interested in you; it means that he just noticed something good about another girl.

I Would Never Lie To You
Simply put, everyone lies for good reasons, bad reasons and everything else in between. Make sure that you can differentiate the little white lies from the big lies and know that the lie that he is telling is to benefit you in some way.

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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