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7 Advantages of Renting a Car in Uganda This Festive Season

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It is rational for any person who wishes to travel during the festive season to rent a car in Uganda. The movement of people often increases during the December festival season. This is because of the intent of various people who reside and work in Kampala to celebrate Christmas with their beloved in their home villages.  The frequent movement of people from one place to another comes with different unwanted transport occurrences like traffic congestion on the different roads leading out of Kampala and overcrowding at the transport stations locally known as taxi parks.  Such transport detriments can be avoided by renting a car especially for persons who don’t own one.

In this article, we have compiled some of the advantages of renting a car in Uganda during the festive season.

1. Fast forward, hiring a car during the festive season enables you to travel faster than expected to your home village. When you rent a car, you travel directly to your destination and thus reach earlier. This is not the case with public means where you have to go through queuing up to board the bus or taxi and the frequent stopovers involved along the way. The Queuing up and stopovers tend to delay you and this would turn to be some kind of inconvenience.

2. When you use car rental services, you have a variety of cars to choose from and travel by. The rental operators have a wide fleet of cars from Compact cars, Multi-Purpose vehicles (MVPs), SUVs to Vans. The choice is left to you as a client to hire the best car for your festive travel.

Additional to the above, hiring a car during the festive period enables you to have a comfortable travelling experience. The vehicles from the various rental companies in Kampala are well-conditioned and serviced. Additionally, you don’t have to share the travel space with anyone as we all know some passengers have obnoxious characters and bad odours which could make your trip a living hell.

3. Uganda car rental services are reliable. With our lives full of daily commitments and engagements, you need a transport means that is readily available at any time you wish to travel and this is what car rental services do best. All you have to do as a client is to contact and book prior to your time of travelling, they will deliver the services at that exact date and period.

4. You get privacy and independence when you rent a car during this Christmas season. The vehicle is exclusively reserved for you and maybe your family or colleagues you wish to travel with. No intruder will crash your travelling experience like in the public means where you have to put up with foreign or strange faces.

5. Car rental services tend to be cheaper than public means during the festive season. In the Christmas period, the transport fare for the public means double or even triple due to the high demand for travel. However, this is not the case with car rental Uganda as they have a standard or fixed price year in year out. More to that, people travelling as a family pay one wholesome fee for a rental vehicle yet for public means, each individual pays separately and this could be higher.

6. Renting a car during this festive season forges a good impression when you reach your home town. Every breathing human being wants attention and bragging rights and possessing a car offers you that especially in a third world society like Uganda. There are different looking cars to hire, for example, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Toyota Rav4 and super custom.

7. Hiring a car in Uganda would save you from contracting Covid-19 in this Christmas period. One of the high covid-19 transmitting places is public means and stations because of the unavoidable contact made among people. It is even getting worse during this festive season due to the high influx of people. Therefore, one of the ways to save you from catching covid-19 while travelling is by hiring a car.

My parting shot is; those who wish to travel around Uganda during the festival season, hiring a car is the best option as it brings convenience, comfortable, frugality and also saves you from contracting Covid-19.

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Written by Maksudi

A Travel blogger at Uganda Holiday Guide

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