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Girls, Learn this before falling for Arsenal FC Diehards

The Heck of Dating a Loyal Football Fan

Frustrated Arsenal fans are left dejected in the stands at the Emirates Stadium (Photo by Mike Egerton - PA Images via Getty Images)

This year is worthy a while to football lovers especially those that enjoy European and International tournaments. We have witnessed the world cup that was won by Argentina just weeks after the conclusion of the 5 top Domestic Leagues of the world and the two European clubs leagues. And again, another Football season is back with all; the Premier league, La Liga, Serie A, French League 1 and Bundesliga having already had their kick offs.

To all ladies out there, it’s again that time of the year; If you are dating a guy who follows or a fan of Premier League, you have to put it mind that to him, football is like a matter of life and death. For those that have not yet started dating, there are two pertinent questions that you are advised to start with on your first dates;

Are you a football fan? and, Which team do you support in the English premier league?

If you are still wondering why the team he supports is relevant in this matter, please hear me out. Dating a football fanatic can be bad enough on it’s own, but dating a football fanatic who roots for a terrible team is more worse.

You can tolerate being in a relationship with a football maniac to some extent like being ignored or being flaked on because the game is on, but wait for the erratic temperaments when it loses.

Loss or Win?

While dating a football fanatic, you have to learn that his emotional state rests entirely on how his team preforms on pitch. When it is performing well, he is high-spirited and perky and this reflects on how he treats you. He will be absolutely delightful. On the other hand, when his team is performing poorly, he will be a total nightmare! He will be grumpy and cranky and unfortunately you will bear the brunt of his team’s loss.

Many girls have come out to speak on the number of times their football-addicted boyfriends have taken out the frustration of their team losing on them. One can even stomp off in a huff in the middle of a date just because his team lost.

Less Weekends for you with him

Another thing is that you will have a few weekends with him. 95% of the domestic league matches are played over the weekends. When the Leagues go for a break, there will be some knock out tournaments or international breaks. Still you will not be seeing him sinc he will be very busy following how his team players perform for their respective countries.

There are also those whose plans are motivated by the his team’s performance. If it won, you would get a chance of getting out with him, If it didn’t, it would be staying home.

Expect Disappointments

These guys can even miss important events if its program collides with his team’s fixture on that day. He can’t miss to watch his team playing. Imagine, the Premier League is always staged on the first day of the year and boxing days, the reason why you will always find these football fanatics hanging out in Bars that broadcast football on their screens.

Yes, you will be pretty pissed off because of he can’t give you a hand in this or that in what you cann ‘a stupid game’, but to him, it is life. Some will even go mute for days rather you talk bad about his team.

Take precaution!!

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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