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Sexting: The Lustful Taboo Keeping Teens Obsessed with Mobile Phones

Sexting in children

Dear Parents, have you ever been curious to know what might be keeping your teen child busy on phone to the extent of foregoing meals? Okay, you might think it is probably playing online games, googling photographs of their favorite celebrity, researching their homework from school, or chatting with friends on Social media but start nosing around, you might be surprisingly shocked.

The high rate of modernity and advancement in technology allover the world has not only brought a positive change to societies but also negativeness like moral deterioration more so in our African norms.

We recently shared with you shocking revelations of school girls that engage in prostitution during holidays and as we were doing our investigations, we also managed to discover the naughty stuff that keeps some kids busy on their phones at home sometimes even locked in their bedrooms. One of top was none other than Sexting. Yes, some rascals are really having a lot of ‘Virtual sex’, we can exclusively reveal.

What is Sexting

Sexting is a verb derived from sex and texting. It is the act of sending someone sexually explicit messages and photographs via a mobile phone. If you didn’t know, this is the latest lust taboo that has gripped a good number of youth, as parents remain in the dark.

It doesn’t need one to be with a smart phone to sext, the odd vice can be done on any kind of phone be it that ‘katooci’ that doesn’t even support internet services or an Iphone 7+. As long as the device has a platform of exchanging messages.

Where is it more common

The vice also has no gender, both girls and boys do text as cases of boy to girl are very common though a few girl to girl sexting has also been witnessed making also boy to boy susceptible. It is also more common in high school students and college goers, some campusers and adults. Literally, sexting has no age though much happening among youths.

“Most comrades always can’t wait to get to their hostels after class. They are always itching to be alone to sext, At times, you may see guys pace up to their rooms, not because they are desperate to finish assignments, which have been piling up for weeks. Most are always in a hurry for the privacy of their hostels to get on their phones and engage in some virtual sex with his girlfriend and boyfriends,” Narrates Phillip, a student from a university in Kampala who also doesn’t shy away to confess that he is addicted to the vice too.

sexting in youths
sexting in youths

Just spot a group of late teenage girls chatting alongside chuckling and laughing out loud, you won’t be surprised that all that has been making them much excited was a conversation bordering on boys and sex. Girls discuss boy crushes and boyfriends to the extent of showing each other raunchy texts on their phones and sexy WhatsApp videos with daylight openness. And so some boys.

Reasons for this fad

An expert says the first reason as to why youth are now hooked on to this strange behavior is the element of playful nature of the human mind, especially the younger ones.

It is the easiest channel through which many can express their naughtiness. Sexting allows people to say what they would never have said verbally, like asking for sex since the most who engage in this behavior are the shy ones, can’t let it all out face to face. This might be the reason why girls sext more often than boys.

Despite looking into the dangers of this trend, most youths see no harm in sexting justify that they are not engaging in the actual act and thus are hurting no one.

Parents and guardians, too, are to be blamed because they have failed to educate teens on sex, leaving it to schools, who are too busy with normal curriculum and social media, where all manner of rubbish is dumped by the western culture.


Sexting can be harmful. Since it is closely associated with frequent sex, pornography and multiple sex partners. This kind of exposure and casual approach to a sensitive matter like sex conditions one’s minds to dysfunctional sexual relationship, which affects his/ her future relationships.

Frequent sex, masturbation and pornography contribute to various mental health complications such as addiction, depression and increased risk of contracting HIV/Aids.

What other Researchers say

According to global research, a high number of youth are engaging in sexting, probably 98% with the largest percentage being girls. This has contributed greatly to an increase in the number of teenagers and young adults engaging in risky sexual behavior and activities.

These researchers continue to stretch it out that almost 65% of the young people who sext on a daily basis also masturbate frequently, 62 % have multiple sexual partners; 40% consume pornographic material and 30% have frequent sexual intercourse. Only five per cent of the students who don’t sext masturbate.

With another study done by two students at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kenya, sexting and social media has led to an increase in teenage pregnancy.

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

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