Sheebah Karungi Calls Pallaso a “Small Boy”

Once friends, now Sheebah dissing Pallaso

Once upon a time, Sheebah and Pallaso had their collaborations on various tunes ruling Kampala town including the “Mu Ndongo”! Today, no one can really tell why they fell out to the point of Sheebah calling fellow singer and one time “good” friend Pallaso a “small boy.”

This comes at a time when tension is flaring between the two artistes further asserting the fact that they either dated or had a one time fling that hit a dead end. While appearing on a local television show, Sheebah called Pallaso a “small boy” and went a head to release a song titled “Wantama” dissing him.
It is important to note that the two checked into the same hotel room early this while in Egypt for a show and when they returned, they were not seeing eye to eye. This leaves many wondering! Did the “small boy” talk start in the hotel room?

What do you think?

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