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I know Every Detail About My Man – Sheila Gashumba Defends Married Boyfriend

sheila Gashumba TV Personality

Socialite Sheila Gashumba has come out to express her disbelief regarding how Ugandans have perceived her relationship with a one married Nigerian Boyfriend known as God’s Plan.

Through a lengthy post on her social media pages, the pencil thinned TV personality slammed social media shamers and haters, more so the girls who have turned her new love the talk of town. This follows a photo of his God’s plan that recently surpassed on social media showing him with his ex girlfriend and their child.

God's Plan with ex Grilfriend
Sheila Gashumba’s man God’s Plan with ex Girlfriend

According to Sheila, she is not happy with how Social Media gossip girls lamented and shamed her for dating a a married man. Here is her long post

… if you have some MBS….

It’s soo sad that when celebrities are single, you come up and tag us with all kinds of men, we keep quiet, when we finally date someone and we share our photos on social media, you come up with all sorts of different stories to shame someone.

I don’t know why people think am below 18 or they probably think I don’t know what I’m doing. Now let me make this clear for those who didn’t get the memo, there is nothing I don’t know about Marcus and there is nothing he doesn’t know about me that a stranger or a blogger will tell us about and guess what, we love each other just the way we are. So for now, just keep enjoying what we post when we decide to.

Sheila Gashumba
Sheila Gashumba with her man

Shouts out girls commenting all sorts of hateful things, im sorry to tell you that all your comments won’t let me leave him or let him leave me.I’m not your ordinary Ugandan girlthat you will scare and when he is single you all will be running to him like wild dogs and please he ain’t your ordinary type of guy. So Bambi, awuledde ategezze omulala.

So for now keep reading the blogs, screenshot, send your fellow gossip girls but the fact still remains that I’m still with the man of your dreams. Wabula temwagaliza, let me remind you guys of how you make fools of yourself every time,

Sheila Gashumba
Sheila Gashumba

First y’all began with ‘ the man has a lot of money to be faithful, he will leave Sheilah soon’ when that failed you moved to, ‘but the guy doesn’t post her on Snapchat and Instagram or show his face’ and when he started posting me and showing his face, you came up with another excuse ‘ oh but they don’t look happy’ ?????Wabula Bambi temukoya, I’m not the one who approached the man to date me ?? it took him a couple of months btw to convince me, so temutekako bizibu byemye.

Ugandans love to be hypocrites all the time, the ones commenting are the same ones flirting and sleeping with their sister or best friend’s boyfriends with no shame whatsoever. So now are you trying to tell me you stupid gossip girls have never dated a man with an ex or a child. Since you know the answer deep down, I will let you drink water often and mind your business. Some of you try to really take care of yourselves to look good or have some glow but you still look crusty af, you know why, BECAUSE YOU DONT MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

And please stop dragging my dear father into my personal life okay!! Leave him to continue being my perfect Superman.

Is he the first one to have a daughter dating someone, y’all love to blow everything into the biggest proportions. Leave my father to continue being the handsome and most intelligent man that he is.

Lol!! I feel pity for sad and hateful people on the internet. I can already imagine how much sadness you have in your lives, homes and relationships and I can only feel sad about how toxic y’all to the people around.Sorry for you, may you get well soon.

Please don’t argue with my post, I won’t read your comments because I’m too busy planing my future with my boyfriend, working on my store and planing my next holiday so argue with your keyboards.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Yours Truly,
Sheilah C Gashumba.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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