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Signs that your boss likes you at the Work Place

There are many ways that bosses try out to send a message to any of their employees. This can range from doing some things differently to your side or treating differently.

Depend on the following to see whether your boss likes you at the work place or not.

Always Tasked with New challenges

Don’t ever get worried once your boss starts throwing new challenges to you at the work place. It is a good thing and shows he has identified something different in your capabilities. It may look as though he is out to overwhelm you but in the long run, this will help you get different ways on how to outdo yourself each time.


Once he/ she starts telling you of the company’s huge projects, profits and loss trends and ask for your opinions on the same, just know you have hit the jack pot. This is what we call respect. It is a clear sign that your boss values your opinion and takes note of the issues you raise.

Frequent feedback and positive criticism:

Positive criticism is self explanatory, any employer cannot talk good about his/ her employee if he/ she does not like him/ her. Notice from time to time how often your boss points out some of the ways you can be better at what you are doing. If he does so, it shows that the boss respects you enough to give you the pointers knowing that you are mature enough to take it positively, there fore it now your time to keep your head high and correct the things he points out for you.

However, if he seldom appreciates your work or always talking bad about you, just start ways of searching for greener pastures.

Always Piling you with Tasks

Though this resembles first point, it turns out to be different in the way he sees your capabilities. Giving you frequent tasks shows that you are trusted by your boss on many matters besides what your job description says and a good sign when responsibilities keep increasing.

Therefore, try your best to deliver and do quality work while at it and who knows, they might just be polishing you for the next promotion that’s opening up.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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