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Singer Bruno.K in Controversy Over Impregnating Mukono Dollar($) Giver.

Bruno K Dumps Dorah Over Pregnacy Controversies.

Singer Bruno.K in controversy over impregnating Mukono dollar giver.

Kiggundu Bruno, also known as Bruno.K, found himself featured in trending magazines this morning following the leaked voice recordings and WhatsApp messages from his alleged fiancée, Dorah.

In a viral voice recording, Dorah disclosed that they had been in a relationship with the Ugandan singer Bruno.K for some time, characterized by a smooth companionship where they supported each other during disasters and challenging times. Dorah revealed that during their relationship, she provided financial support to Bruno.K, helping him in his music career and sustaining his celebrity lifestyle.

In return, the singer reciprocated by fulfilling her sexual desires, maintaining their relationship. Dorah, who resides in Mukono town, was reported to have financial resources. The revelation that sparked controversy was Bruno’s denial of full ownership and responsibility for Dorah’s pregnancy.

Bruno insisted that Dorah conceived and became pregnant without his consent, which led to a strain in their relationship. He attempted to end the relationship, but Dorah disagreed. In response, she took to social media, sharing intimate photos of them in bed and various text exchanges from WhatsApp, spreading them across different social media platforms today.

Additionally, an audio recording surfaced where Dorah and a friend discussed Bruno’s privacy and intimate details in a disrespectful manner. They mentioned Bruno Kiggundu’s physical attributes and privacy in a derogatory manner, particularly focusing on his hairly body and perceived lack of attractiveness when it comes to sexual desires.

Notably, Faridah Nakazibwe, a well-known public figure and close friend of the singer, stood by Bruno, comforting him and expressing her unwavering support despite the allegations.

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Written by Kusaasira Noah

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