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Celebrity Bio: ‘Ebbango’ Hitmaker Rickman Manrick

Rickman Manrick bbango

The ‘Ebbango’ song that is currently rocking different airwaves has become a sensation across all ages and classes.

From the young to old, ordinary to corporate. It is one of the most trending music pieces of early 2019 not only because un debatable soft and neatly layered lyrics and melody but also its ‘title’ that some chaps have adopted as a slogan.

Many might not be conversant with the author of this hit since for long, he has been mistaken with Fik Fameica by many because the two artistes have a quite similar voice. However, this this fast rising unique talent is none other than Rickman Manrick and today, we have a few details to share with our dear readers.

Who is Rickman?

Rickman Manrick

Rickman Manrick is a Sweden based Ugandan Artiste with real names identified as Ddungu Derrick.

About his background, the singer feels nervous to share his early life due to own reasons asserting it is personal. He has been living in Sweden for now 7 years.

Education and Football

Ddugu is a professional footballer playing as a forward in Sevedalens IF Football Club. Because of this talent, he went through schools including Old Kampala SS for O’Level and St Juliana for A’Level on bursaries. He is also a teacher at Kvarnbyskolean School for Children with disability still in Sweden.

Music Career

Rickman says that he started his music career in 2018 under the management of Geoffrey Timothy alias DT Timo and he says was the Inspiration for the ‘Ebbango’ song that is taking him places.

DT Timo with Rickman
DT Timo with Rickman

I coined the song title in honor of DT Timo. Those days when we were still in the Ghetto, he used to say ‘Ebbango waliwanika’ when encouraging us to hardwork. I felt like passing on the message hence the song” Rickman reveals.

Rickman ManrickThose who were familiar with Rickman’s music before might have known him from his first singles including Basumbuyi, Wakanda and Naki though the latter and ‘Ebbango’ are the ones credited to have catapulted him into the limelight.

He however has no plans of committing to music since he beleives it doesn’t pay much and can’t make him permanently come back to his motherland.


“Fans can be bad mannered some times, they prefer to illegally download rather than pay for music. I perform in Sweden to the Ugandan community but it doesn’t earn me that much” He explains his concern.

He has plans of upgrading his education from Sweden to specialize in Physical education.

Love life

Derrick takes relationship issues serious no more ever since he split with his first love and believes in an open relationship.

He however seems to have a thing for singer Chosen Becky of the ‘Maama Yankuza’ 2018 hit who he finds attractive in a way he can’t even explain.

Chosen Becky
Singer Chosen Becky

“She is attractive in a way I can’t explain. Her voice brings out her beauty. I even watched a video where she celebrated her birthday” He said.

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