Holiday Makers, Old women be Aware of Slay Kings

Slay Kings, Yes you got me right. All media this year has been about slay queens, writing about them all sorts of stories. But did you know that even Slay Kings also exist. The handsome men pose as suitable suitors, they even give the women cash incentives. And once they con the women, slay kings disappear into thin air. Their famous name is Con men.

Like in this long holiday for high school girls and sme Campusers, Slay kings are now trying all their best to get them with an aim of swindling. Old single women are also a victim to these cuty lads with an intention of making way with their money.

Dozens of female university students, high school and old women have been a victim. These smart guys, mostly from Kampala surburbs are on a conning spree and are making a kill out of it as the victims have shied away from reporting them to police for fear of being ridiculed.

These guys are said to be handsome, look to be well-groomed and educated with expensive clad, cologne and hairstyle to conceal their motives.

A certain girl who was conned over Sh 1.5m narrated her story about how she met the man on social media where they started chatting before the two exchanged contacts.

“He started making advances. I even visited him at a certain estate where he told me he lived with his brothers,” she said.

The man won her trust after he sent her airtime worth Sh 35K when she had only asked for Sh 2K credit. She says that she somehow believed that this man was the right candidate. Their friendship became stronger after the incident and they became more of an item. He later gave her Sh 200k for shopping.

After this guy realising that his victim was already in the box, he called her knowing too well that she was to receive fees from her parents at the beginning of the term claiming he had an emergency.

She did not hesitate, she told him to come and pick about Sh 1.5m and that was the last time she saw the man.

There are many other victims who have falles under this including mature women with small businesses like restaurants, salons among others.

So, be focused and stay warned.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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