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Handling Social Media Addiction in a Relationship (tips)

Can a relationship between someone who is addicted to social media and someone who hates it work? What can you do when it happens that your partner is addicted?

We all know that this is a social media obsessed generation, with a number of social networking sites being innovated with currently the top being Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram among others. Today, there are still a few people mostly in the youthful bracket who utterly despise social media.

We all have ever gone crazy about social media esp when we had just joined and still some are. Sharing even the little thing in your life; from the wake up selfie, breakfast, clothes to wear, lunch e.t.c. Always with a phone in the hand ready to capture anything that catches your interest.

With all that, imagine the challenge comes; When you date some one who hates it. This is a very challenging stuff to handle at first to say the least. Ditching all the excitement of experiencing new applications because your partner is not amused!

Many have even reached the extent of fighting about my social media obsession, thinking that their significant others are spending too much time on their phones than them.

What can you with this

There are a number of things you have to agree on with your partner to prevent social media from ruining your relationship.

  • First of all, never think one is overreacting. Try and make it work first by promising to spend less time on the phone when with him/ her. Advise your partner not get so worked up every time you wanted to take a picture or a video for your social media. With agreeing on this, your partner will even start doing some stuff to make sure you get the perfect snaps to post on social media.
  • Another point is using social media where necessary! Why would you take it to bed or to the shower?

  • If you know you are so much obsessed, atleast try out not to post photos that you have just taken right away at the moment. This is because when you do, you will became anxious to see the reactions and the comments so you keep checking your phone and that’s where the problem comes in when you are with your partner.
  • Take as many pictures as you like but post them at your own time, not when your partner is expecting your undivided attention. Learn to enjoy the moment without letting your phone get in the way.

On the other side, if you are dating someone obsessed with social media, try to be a little accommodating unless your partner is glued to the phone 24/7. Try to hide your annoyance when your partner whips out his/ her phone to capture something interesting.

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